Worried about a dental appointment?
Let’s not kid ourselves here. A dental treatment appointment is not something you look forward to in the same way as let’s say a facial or a massage. Someone is poking about in the inner recesses of your personal space, spraying water and blowing air, with unpleasant noises and vibrations thrown in. You know it needs to be done, but you just want to get the job finished, and then wait for your lips to recover feeling.
There are, however things that you might want to consider if you are putting off that treatment appointment. Little things that will make your treatment that little bit less stressful.
Noise and vibrations are difficult to eliminate, but, if you have music on your phone/iPod, you can use our comfy headphones (or your own in-earphones ) and play your choice of music to distract and calm you.
Water sloshing around the back of your mouth when you are lying flat can give you an almost irresistible urge to swallow, or cough, and many patient find this extremely stressful. Using a rubber dam can eliminate this almost completely, by isolating the tooth being worked on using a tight clip over the tooth, attached to a soft and flexible waterproof sheet. This sheet keeps all the water spray away from your throat, and many people find their natural gag reflex is largely eliminated, meaning that they can relax, and treatment is speeded up.
Consider when you book the appointment, and what you are going to do afterwards. If the appointment is mid-morning or mid-afternoon, make sure you’ve had something substantial to eat beforehand. This ensures your blood sugar doesn’t take a dip and you won’t feel like you need to try to eat with a numb face.
If you are really getting stressed and are genuinely feeling that you can’t cope with a procedure, we can also prescribe a sedative tablet that you can take to help you to relax. You won’t be asleep, and neither will you be all spaced out, but it will help you deal with the stress that you feel.
We are here to help you cope with treatment as much as we can. We know it’s a stressful business, but anything that we can do to help you cope, please do let us know.