September 2017

September 2017

This month all our careful plans for the refurbishment in both surgeries take off.   Those of you who don’t have appointments planned for  mid September might not be aware that we are running at half-capacity for two weeks , coinciding the building works and chair replacements to a couple of weeks when some members of staff were already on holiday.

We hope this has kept the impact of the diary changes to a minimum and we’ve done our best to ensure that “emergency fix “appointments are still available throughout.  It will feel like the end of an era to say goodbye to the two chairs; our “workhorses” that have been part of the furniture (literally!) for almost 15 years, but the time has come…  By the end of the month we’ll be happy to show off our lovely new chairs and flooring!  There are pictures and videos of progress on Facebook: do take a look if you haven’t already seen them.


Welcome back Katrina!  Having severed a tendon in her foot, Katrina returned to work, all be it on crutches!  After her operation, healing is over a longish period of some weeks, but you can’t keep Katrina away, and our patients are very grateful that she’s come back.  Meanwhile, other members of staff are taking the strain of driving her so she can be here; now that’s teamwork!

August Blog 2017

Looking forward to the new  dental chairs coming  next  month!!


July 2017 Blog

With the arrival of warmer weather and the end of the school year, thoughts turn to Summer holidays. That planned restful break could however be blighted by a dental problem right before you go, or worse, whist you are away. (more…)

April Blog 2017

Worried about a dental appointment?
Let’s not kid ourselves here. A dental treatment appointment is not something you look forward to in the same way as let’s say a facial or a massage. Someone is poking about in the inner recesses of your personal space, spraying water and blowing air, with unpleasant noises and vibrations thrown in. You know it needs to be done, but you just want to get the job finished, and then wait for your lips to recover feeling. (more…)

March 2017 Blog

What is Root Canal Therapy?
Root canal therapy, known as endodontics is carried out on teeth where the nerve tissue internally has died. The dead tissue will slowly infect, causing an abscess.
When a tooth has a very large filling or a large cavity, the nerve tissue inside can get injured and become inflamed and swollen. (more…)

February Blog


Top tips for sensitive teeth
If you’ve got sensitive teeth, you are probably most aware of them with cold things. Cold air over the surface of the teeth, or ice in a drink can be something that causes you to wince. (more…)

January post 2017

DentistEDITS 002

If you’ve resolved to give up smoking this year, WELL DONE! It’s the single most effective thing you could do to improve your overall health.
One thing that many people notice when they stop smoking is that their gums start to (more…)