Restore your teeth back to their former glory with Cerec restorations

DentistEDITS 049Beautiful metal-free restorations can be made in around an hour with no need for messy impressions or temporaries, and no need for a second fitting appointment. Cerec is a fantastic new innovation which uses a digital camera to take an image of a prepared tooth (instead of an impression or mould). You just relax with a coffee and a magazine whilst we design the restoration, which might be a crown, inlay or veneer.

A crown is a cap that fits over a broken-down or weak tooth just as a thimble fits over a finger.

An inlay is a little section that fits into the cavity of the tooth just like the last piece in a jigsaw.

A veneer is a new front for a tooth, rather like a false fingernail.

The restoration is then milled out of a small block of porcelain, and can be polished and fitted straight away.