Gum disease affects 3 in 4 adults in the UK, so it’s crucial to regularly visit our hygienist or therapist

Gum health treatments – A healthy fresh mouth starts with healthy gums

DentistEDITS 015Our hygienists or therapist will check where your plaque is tending to form and give you a plaque score; the lower the healthier. Aim for less than 15% consistently, ideally less than 10%.

They’ll also check to see if there are any areas where your gums are beginning to detach from the teeth, forming a gum pocket. Pocket areas will need extra care and regular monitoring to ensure you keep the affected tooth over the long term. Remember that more adult teeth are extracted because of gum disease, than because of decay. Once you know where the difficult-to-clean areas of your mouth are we will help you formulate a home care programme to establish and maintain a low plaque score. Teeth can often be repaired and reconstructed, even when very broken down, but once gum disease is established it generally progresses until the tooth is so loose or infected it can only be removed.