With the arrival of warmer weather and the end of the school year, thoughts turn to Summer holidays. That planned restful break could however be blighted by a dental problem right before you go, or worse, whist you are away.
Don’t ignore that sharp edge or place where food always traps! Broken teeth or fillings leak slowly but surely, and often will remain pain-free for many months before suddenly becoming extremely uncomfortable, and an emergency dental visit at the very top of your to-do list is never a good thing. Food trapping between teeth will provide the decay-causing germs with a readily available source of food, and these areas again will remain pain-free for some time before suddenly becoming very tender indeed, and by this time the damage is generally extensive, needing either root canal therapy or even an extraction.
Here at Thaxted, we will try to pre-warn you of upcoming issues that you will want to plan for over the coming 12 months. For instance, if there a filling that is chipped, or just beginning to leak, we will try and plan that bit of repair with maintenance (perhaps an interim hygiene visit) rather than having you come back straightaway. We hope that this saves your valuable time rather than having to to-and-fro for separate appointments. If you’d like to get something checked out before you go away on holiday this year, call us sooner rather than later!