Thaxted Dental Centre Complaints Policy
Revised October 2018


Here at Thaxted Dental Centre we take complaints very seriously.  We work towards giving our patients the highest possible care, delivering a first class patient service and the highest quality dentistry we are capable of.


But if any aspect of our service or care does not meet to our usual high standard we welcome comments and feedback.  All complaints will be dealt with courteously and promptly. Our aim is to react to complaints in a way we would want our complaint about a service to be handled.



Please feel free to raise your concern with any member of the team; the person responsible for dealing with all complaints is Andrew Copping (Practice Manager), Andrew will discuss complaints/concerns with Carolyn Copping to reach a decision. An acknowledgement will be sent out in writing within 3 working days, and a response no later than 10 working days after receiving it.


If the complaint is made by telephone or at the reception desk, we will listen to your complaint and offer to refer you to Andrew immediately.

If Andrew is not available at that time, then you will be told when she will be able to talk to you, and arrangements can be made. You may prefer to put something in writing, if you do not wish to discuss the matter, alternatively, you can be referred to Carolyn or Andrew Copping.


If the complaint is about any aspect of clinical care it will normally be referred to Carolyn Copping depending on the nature of the clinical concern.

Complaints about associated charges will normally be referred to Carolyn or Andrew Copping.


We will attempt to resolve all matters in-house, and seek to investigate fully the circumstances that led to the complaint.  If we are unable to investigate your complaint fully within 10 working days, we will keep you informed, giving reasons for delay and a likely period within which the investigation will be completed and, if necessary, a progress report will be sent you every 10 days.


All conversations and correspondence relating to the complaint will be logged. All communications will be treated with complete confidentiality.


If you are not happy with the way in which your complaint is handled you will be advised of the dental complaints service. Any questions regarding this service, or to take any matters further, please visit Dental Complaints Service. Jo-Anne Elliott will be able to issue you with a complaints leaflet and appropriate form if this is something you wish to take further.